Mapping Assignment

Assignment Overview:

We’ve been focusing on textual aspects of Tarlton’s Jests. Now we’re going to consider how visualization – mapping, and particularly “deep mapping” are going to help us interpret the world in which Richard Tarlton lived – first in London, and then on tour throughout England.

Map of Early Modern London (MoEML) Assignment Objective:

  • Think about space and place in “Tarlton’s Jests”: how can we use the descriptions of Tarlton’s journeys and experiences around the City to imagine the experience of someone living in London in the 16th century.

ArcGIS Online Assignment Objectives:

  • Think about time and place more broadly using GIS methods and data related to performance to consider social, political, and cultural trends across England in the 16th century. Utilize GIS technology to demonstrate visual and digital literacy.

Assignment Outline:

  • Week One: Map of Early Modern London & “Tarlton’s Jests”
    • Reading Quiz #1
  • Week Two: Learning ArcGIS Online & interpreting data in a spatial context
    • Reading Quiz #2
  • Week Three: Creating story map about Tarlton, the Queen’s Men, and performers touring around England in the 1580s.

Assignment Instructions:

MoEML: Use the MoEML interface to find places that are referred to in Tarlton’s Jests.
Refer to assignment specifics on shared Google Doc
Add Category “MoEML” to your submitted assignment.
ArcGIS Online Story Map: [to be added]
Add Categories “Reflection #5” **and** “ArcGIS” to your submitted assignment.


  • Assignment One (MoEML) will be assessed on your ability to properly use the mapping interface to create a visual essay.
  • Assignment Two (ArcGIS) will be assessed on your ability to create a sophisticated story map in ArcGIS Online that integrates data, map(s), map notes, and additional web-based information.
  • The MoEML assignment is worth 5% of your course grade.
    • MoEML assignment is due Sunday, November 1 by 11pm.
  • The ArcGIS Online assignment is worth 10% of your course grade.
    • The ArcGIS story map and reflection post #5 are due Sunday, November 15 by 11pm.
  • Each Reading Quiz counts for 1% of your course grade.