Final Assignment

Assignment Overview

At the end of it all, humanities research is reliant upon well thought out research questions. The modules in this course will have introduced you to approaches that will help you to address those research questions, but they cannot ask the questions for you. In the final project, therefore, you will ask a question that has intrigued you as you have learned more about Richard Tarlton, the Queen’s Men, and 1580s EnglandYour project will be evaluated on the sophistication of your research question, your reason for choosing one digital tool or approach rather than another, and your demonstration of how the use of that tool or approach has enabled you to consider your research in a unique and nuanced manner. Since you have all chosen mapping for your final project, consider this specifically in your essay: “The events we call travel can be said to be composed of movement between spatial locations: leaving one spatial marker and arriving at another.  The presumed departure and arrival, in the very process of their movement, paradoxically stages the threshold to be crossed, and enacts “the between” that divides and joins spatial locations.” (Syed Islam, The Ethics of Travel: From Marco Polo to Kafka p. 5)

Assignment Objective:

Demonstrate your mastery of one the DH methods that we have addressed over the course of the semester.

Assignment Instructions:

Your final project for this course focuses on a consideration of the digital methods we have learned over the course of the semester, as demonstrated through expanded analysis of the archival collection of “Tarlton’s Jests” and the Queen’s Men data that we have relied upon:

  • a sound research question that offers a significant and original perspective on the subject matter with which we have engaged throughout the semester
  • determination of method/tool’s effectiveness in addressing research question
  • Submission of final artifact *and* essay reflecting upon process, that includes:
    • explanation about why particular method or tool was chosen
    • screenshots that demonstrate process, experimentation, mastery, complications, difficulties and challenges, how these were met – and hopefully overcome)
    • incorporation of direct and indirect reference to two secondary sources we have read for class *and* two secondary sources related to Tarlton, the Queen’s Men, or 16th century performance studies (I will point you in directions for these.)


The Final Project is worth 20% of your course grade, and will be broken down as follows:

  • Completed artifact (linked from WordPress): 50% of assignment
  • Formal 1,000 word essay including bibliography (submitted as WordPress post): 35% of assignment
  • Five-minute Flash talk presentation about your mapping project in class on 12/7: 15% of assignment