Digital Edition Assignment

Assignment Overview:

We will be marking up our transcribed texts in TEI in order to reveal important information about Richard Tarlton, the people he interacted with, and the places he traveled. By doing this we will continue to develop a portrait of this elusive character. By conferring and collaborating on what we mark up and to what degree, we will be able to present a clear and articulate online digital edition of the compiled jests.

Assignment Objectives:

  1. Develop an understanding of how marking up a transcribed document helps a scholar to reveal elements of that text that would not necessarily be recognizable through more traditional close reading practices.
  2. Establish a collaborative work environment in which researchers rely upon and enhance their own accurate process through sharing of and assisting one another with complex TEI tagging challenges.

Assignment Outline:

  1. Each student will work with approximately 100 lines from multiple jests in “Tarlton’s Jests” (assignments available on Google Doc.)
  2. Using the oXygen editor and the tag entity/attribute list we compile in class, each student will produce (and revise) a marked-up text for each of their jests.
  3. Each student will incorporate into each of their jests a brief summary of each jest.
  4. Students will compile all individual texts into one master file for publication on the web as a digital edition.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Download oXygen XML editor software using free trial subscription (October 9.)
  2. Complete draft markup for all jests (due Friday 10/16 by 11pm; corrections will be returned by Sunday night.)
  3. Complete revised markup for all jests, including notes and glosses (due Friday 10/23 by 11pm)
  4. Reflection Post #4 is due Sunday 10/25 by 11pm – reflection post assignment instructions will be posted separately.

Resource Assistance:

Refer to the Oxford English Dictionary (available via Bucknell Library website, under “Databases A to Z” and then look under “O”. This is the best dictionary for historically reliable definitions – bar none. We’ll be using it throughout the semester and it will be very helpful to you as you complete the transcription assignment.


Draft markup will be assessed on clearly articulated, valid TEI files.

  • Draft markup is worth 30% of assignment grade

Revised markup will be assessed on sophisticated, valid TEI that incorporates and reflects markup/editorial decisions regarding entities and attributes decided by the class, as well as incorporation of glossed summaries of your assigned jests.

  • Active participation in class editorial discussions and decisions about tag attributes is worth 10% of assignment grade
  • Glossed summaries of *all* of your assigned jests is worth 20% of assignment grade
  • Revised markup is worth 40% of assignment grade

The Digital Edition assignment as a whole is worth 10% of your course grade. The reflection post is graded separately.

NOTE: late work will be penalized at a rate of 10% per day. Failure to submit one component of the assignment will severely compromise your ability to complete the assignment.