After working with the Map of Early Modern London these past couple of weeks I have started to raise questions about Tarlton’s jests and the locations on the map. My question is did he have any correlation for his  performance locations and the path that he took to get there? After examining the map and […]

The Map of Early Modern London and ArcGIS

Working with ArcGIS and the Map of Early Modern London to look at places both where Tarlton referenced in his jests as well as where the Queen’s Men traveled provided a lot of information and clarification for me. Personally, I am a very visual learner; I succeed most when I can see the information in […]

ArcGIS vs. Map of Early Modern London

Being able to visualize Richard Tarlton’s and his troop’s paths and destinations through use of ArcGIS has thoroughly helped me understand and learn more about the Queen’s Men.  By being able to inspect the specific routes of the troop, I have formed multiple questions regarding their trip.  There are a multitude of inconsistencies with the […]

Early Modern London Mapping

As I read over Tarlton Jests, I wonder is there anyone that he would not insult or poke fun at ? Also is there any place in London that he would be hesitant to make fun of people at? For example would he insult people near a church? As many of us may know Tarlton […]

Tarlton’s Travels and MoEML

My research question is how Tarlton traveled around London- by foot? by horse? both? Using the map of the places Tarlton mentions in his City jests, I charted areas that I thought Tarlton would travel by foot and then where Tarlton would travel by horse. However, after looking over the jests I saw that the […]

Where’s the Party?

As we have read Tarlton’s Jests we have been introduced to a great number of places Tarlton was said to have visited. This poses the question of: did Tarlton tend to drink/perform in one area more than others? To attempt to answer this question and gain a better insight into the relative locations of the […]


After working with the MoEML over the past couple weeks, my research question I chose was, “What significance does each location have in regards to Tarlton’s travels?” After looking up many different streets and buildings, I noticed that not all of them were easy to find. For example, in Tarlton’s jests of two tailors, it states, […]

Tarlton’s attachment to the tavern life

Throughout Tarlton’s Jests, taverns, alehouses, pubs and ordinaries are mentioned frequently.  Many of the city jests occur in these places of drinking because it leads to more action and entertainment.  The locations that Tarlton mentions are all fairly close to one another.  There is a cluster of locations focusing around Fleet Street on the west […]

The Agas Map of Early Modern London

Over the past few weeks talking and using the MoEML, there were a few questions that crossed my mind about Tarlton and his adventures throughout the jests. One of the questions that came to mind was: How did Tarlton get around to  all these different places around London that are not in the same vicinity? The […]


After completing the exercise from last week, I came up with the research question of What can we concur about Tarlton’s travels and performances after identifying the places on the map? And then a follow up question of: What does this say about who he interacted with and what they did in the City Jests? […]