TEI & Oxygen & Tarltons Jests

Over the past two or so weeks I have learned so much about how to go deeper into transcribing older text like Tarltons Jests. Learning about newer methods and other applications such as Oxygen XML Editor17.1. The experience was great and although the way to go about text analysis and  transcribing a text got much […]

Too Close For Comfort: Close Reading and TEI Markup of Tarlton’s Jests

How has the process of marking up your transcription affected your understanding of the text? I personally think I gained more understanding of the text in general from our distant reading. The only way the close reading affected my understanding was in researching words I didn’t understand. Learning the definitions of these words did help […]

Reflection post 4

During the course of this assignment marking up the jests has really enhanced my knowledge about the jests. I am now able to connect the jests in a way in which I can comprehend Tarlton’s jokes and stories. The jests have a more natural flow as you read them with an understanding of them rather […]

Marking up Tarlton’s Jests

Marking up Tarlton’s Jests has thoroughly improved my understanding of the text.  We categorized the words into broad subjects such as object, role, place, and person.  Having to mark up the transcription encouraged me to understand my texts more thoroughly and to better comprehend the context.  For example, in the picture below, the word “supper” is […]

Behind the Scenes: TEI and Text Mark-up

Over the past two weeks our class has worked with the program “Oxygen” to encode our jests in an XML format. The process was very arduous and required many revisions, but once I understood the basics it proved to be a very useful tool for looking even deeper into the text we have been analyzing. […]

Reflection Post #4

The past two weeks have given me a great deal of new information and skills regarding text analysis and TEI-complaint XML markup. Not only do I now feel more confident in the mark-up stage, but I am also much more comfortable with the text itself. I feel that this process has helped me dissect and […]

Close Reading and TEI

Since we’ve been doing close reading, I have been able to look at individual words and clarify the meaning that I did not know before. Once I’ve made these notes throughout my jests, the understanding becomes a lot easier. Also, mark ups helped me see what common words came about throughout my jests. I was […]

Reflection Prompt #4

Reflection Post #4: “On Close Reading and TEI” Due 10/26 by 11pm. Close reading allows us to consider at a micro level how an author expresses her/himself using specific terms, descriptions of people and places, and observations about his/her experiences. Over the last two weeks you have worked intensively, learning TEI-compliant XML markup and applying […]