Text Analysis

After using Voyant it has given me a better understanding of trends that appear in Tarlton’s jests. Tarlton is the most used term involved which demonstrates that his is the most important person in the jests and the main actor. Also I noticed other trends such as women is one of the least used words […]

Is Digital Text Analysis Worth Our Time?

I found many trends while analyzing the text of “Tarlton’s Jests” using the text analysis program called “Voyant”. The trends, however, presented varying levels of significance. Some were nonsensical, whereas others could actually be used to help draw conclusions or create a research question regarding the text. The jests of Richard Tarlton were categorized into […]

Ale, Wine, Drink vs. City, Country, Court

  Using the application Voyant, specifically Bubblelines, Keywords in Context and Cirrus, I was able to make judgments about each section of Tarlton’s Jests.  I chose to look at the words drink, ale and wine while working with the jests.  Using the tool Bubblelines I was able to determine which sections of Tarlton’s works were  […]

Voyant as a Distant Reading Tool: Tarlton’s Jests

What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country)? The trends of the Jests I transcribed and the full text were largely the same. All the Jests featured Tarlton verbally and sometimes physically interacting with […]

Individual Jests in Voyant

What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country) After studying the individual jests and then uploading them into Voyant, I see that the term Tarlton is one of the most frequent words used in […]

Using Voyant Tools

                After experimenting with all the tools provided in Voyant, the two of the three tools I choose to use to look closer at my jests, I could not find a trend that arises throughout them. This may partially be because I am looking at different jests spaced […]

Voyant Analysis Tools

At first, I tried analyzing my specific jests I was assigned in different tools of Voyant. However, I found this very hard to do considering it was only small parts of each section of Tarlton’s jests. I decided to use the whole jests of the Country, City, and Court. This was still difficult to find […]

Exploiting Distant Reading

As time progresses and Tarlton text becomes more transparent to me doing works such as this becomes very enjoying. There are many trends that become very easy to identify with Voyant as a tool to help.  But there are a few problems associated with Tarlton Jests. I really enjoy the links tool in Voyant. But […]

Reflection Prompt #3

Reflection Post #3: “On Distant Reading” Due 9/27 by 11pm. Over the past two weeks you have wrestled with ideas (and tools!) that are designed to help us think about differently about texts with which we work. We have discussed ideas of “subjective” (or close) and “objective” (or distant) reading, and have read works by […]