Hard Work, Hurt Eyes, For an Awesome Ending

  In this Digital Humanities course there is a lot of room for improvement. You start out as a foreigner to this subject and as time progresses you become somewhat of a master. Its more of a timing process. This is not something that is suppose to be mastered off the first try. This is […]

Tarlton Transcription

Tarlton’s Jests Reflection

After having the opportunity to transcribe the jests of Tarlton it has opened the doors to me to a whole new level of research. Transliterating these pages of over 4 centuries ago has been a great experience even though it has come with its difficulties. It is definitely interesting to see how writing has evolved […]

What’s that letter?: Transcribing Tarlton’s Jests

Over the past two weeks our class worked to transcribe passages from Tarlton’s Jests. Below I will answer questions regarding my personal experience transcribing my assigned pages. How has this experience affected you? I very much enjoyed the transcription process. I felt like I was solving a code. This project has made me consider pursuing a career in the […]

Tarlton’s Jest Reflection

This has been a very eye-opening experience for me for a few reasons; previous to this class, I have never studied, transcribed or had any experience with historical documents. In the beginning, I was anxious that I would not be able to look at Tarlton’s Jests and understand what was being said or what was […]

Replace all your F’s with S’s

Digital Humanities is an ever-evolving field and cannot actually be defined according to some. However, the transcription assignment that our class has worked on in the past two weeks has definitely given me a little insight into just what the complex discipline encompasses. As a class we transcribed and transliterated thirty-eight pages of 16th century […]

Is it an s, r or t?

Transliterating Tarlton’s Jests has been an experience I have never come close to having before.  At first, the idea of taking indecipherable old English and making it readable for the general public was daunting.  At first glance, the bold font, squiggly letters of Tarlton’s Jests seemed impossible to decode.  However, as time went on and […]

Thoughts on Transliterating Tarlton’s Jest

Transliterating Tarlton’s Jest over the past two weeks was quite a challenging yet, knowledge filled experience. By doing this project, I have grown a greater appreciation for the people who work with historical archival material and do this for a living. Transliterating is a hard task that can be very time-consuming and can bring a […]

Reminder: TWO Assignments due Sunday 9/13

By 11pm on Sunday night you should: Submit to me by email (dkj004@bucknell.edu) the Modern Spelling Revisions of your pages from Tarlton’s Jests (see Transcription Assignment overview for specific instructions). Publish Reflection Post #2 “On Transcription” on the website.

Reflection Prompt #2

Reflection Post #2: “On Transcription” Due: 9/13 by 11pm. Over the past two weeks you have worked closely with anecdotes from Tarlton’s Jests. You have done what all scholars who work with historical archival materials do – puzzled out what is being written in an unfamiliar hand, often in unfamiliar terms. Also as with all […]