Final Project

Digital Humanities (DH) is an area of research and teachings that embraces a variety of topics and uses a scholarly components to provide computation. Digital Humanist often collaborate with other while asking questions about the topic at hand to then share the research done with other scholars.  Computations are provided by tools such as Hypertext, […]


Over the past couple of weeks I have received great insight on how to utilize tools such as Arc GIS, and Map journals to analyze and interpret how Tarlton and colleagues traveled from place to place, town to town, performance to performance. I’ve learned that through the use of Arc GIS and its different modules […]

Early Modern London Mapping

As I read over Tarlton Jests, I wonder is there anyone that he would not insult or poke fun at ? Also is there any place in London that he would be hesitant to make fun of people at? For example would he insult people near a church? As many of us may know Tarlton […]

TEI & Oxygen & Tarltons Jests

Over the past two or so weeks I have learned so much about how to go deeper into transcribing older text like Tarltons Jests. Learning about newer methods and other applications such as Oxygen XML Editor17.1. The experience was great and although the way to go about text analysis and  transcribing a text got much […]

The Great Regime of King James Robert Dudley was an English Nobleman trhe same place King Henry ruled over! He was also refused to marry King James’s mom. King James was seen and is still seen as an iconic leader during his time. King James was the son of Mary, the Queen of Scots and the great-great-grandson of Henry VII. Both […]

The Grand Rose Theater. – As we know Tarlton was one two perform at many different theaters and it seems reasonable to say this was one of the many places he brought his craft to. The Rose Theater is a very well known theater that was created in 1587 in Southwark, right outside the City of London! This […]

Exploiting Distant Reading

As time progresses and Tarlton text becomes more transparent to me doing works such as this becomes very enjoying. There are many trends that become very easy to identify with Voyant as a tool to help.  But there are a few problems associated with Tarlton Jests. I really enjoy the links tool in Voyant. But […]

Hard Work, Hurt Eyes, For an Awesome Ending

  In this Digital Humanities course there is a lot of room for improvement. You start out as a foreigner to this subject and as time progresses you become somewhat of a master. Its more of a timing process. This is not something that is suppose to be mastered off the first try. This is […]

My Latest and greatest Post

Quentin Hugee August 29, 2015   Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary This was a project to enhance the diary of David Livingstone during a very traumatic period where he traveled into Central Africa as a abolitionist, During this time he witnessed the massacre of Manyuema Women. Davids writing became very illegible and faded. Also while witnessing […]