Morgan Malvisi Final Project

History presents itself in a variety of ways; text, paintings, stories, films and maps are just a few of the ways that history makes its mark on present day society. When studying a certain time in history, it is important to account for the tools that will enhance the quality of a project. Each tool […]

The Map of Early Modern London and ArcGIS

Working with ArcGIS and the Map of Early Modern London to look at places both where Tarlton referenced in his jests as well as where the Queen’s Men traveled provided a lot of information and clarification for me. Personally, I am a very visual learner; I succeed most when I can see the information in […]


After completing the exercise from last week, I came up with the research question of What can we concur about Tarlton’s travels and performances after identifying the places on the map? And then a follow up question of: What does this say about who he interacted with and what they did in the City Jests? […]

Reflection Post #4

The past two weeks have given me a great deal of new information and skills regarding text analysis and TEI-complaint XML markup. Not only do I now feel more confident in the mark-up stage, but I am also much more comfortable with the text itself. I feel that this process has helped me dissect and […]


Newfoundland was officially an English possession in 1583, but this island was previously explored by Vikings and the Portuguese Empire. First inhabited by Eskimos and Indians, Newfoundland quickly became an island that gained popularity amongst various countries. Newfoundland was especially well known for its waters and fisheries that appealed to those exploring the areas. Soon […]

Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, born December 8th, 1542 was just six days old when her father, King James V of Scotland, died and she was put on the throne. Although she was the technical ruler of Scotland, she spent most of her childhood in France while Scotland was ruled by regents. In 1558, Mary married […]

Individual Jests in Voyant

What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country) After studying the individual jests and then uploading them into Voyant, I see that the term Tarlton is one of the most frequent words used in […]

Tarlton’s Jest Reflection

This has been a very eye-opening experience for me for a few reasons; previous to this class, I have never studied, transcribed or had any experience with historical documents. In the beginning, I was anxious that I would not be able to look at Tarlton’s Jests and understand what was being said or what was […]

David Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary

What is the project? The David Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project is a preservation effort that shared the common goal of using spectral imaging technology and digital publishing to release a series of historical, faded and illegible texts written by the famous explorer, missionary and abolitionist, David Livingstone, during his time spent in Central Africa. Previous to […]