Maureen Maclean Final

In his article, Alan Liu calls for digital humanities’ tools to be targeted and utilized not only for digital humanists but also for a broader audience- in particular those who are usually marginalized. As a person with learning disabilities, I can attest that digital visualization and mapping techniques gave me greater access to experiment and […]

Where in the World is Richard Tarlton: GIS and Mapping

“You have just experimented with two types of mapping in historical contexts: working in the Map of Early Modern London interface and creating a story map in ArcGIS Online. You also worked with two different types of place-oriented data: place references in “Tarlton’s Jests” and place/date data for the Queen’s Men on tour in 1583. […]

Tarlton’s Travels and MoEML

My research question is how Tarlton traveled around London- by foot? by horse? both? Using the map of the places Tarlton mentions in his City jests, I charted areas that I thought Tarlton would travel by foot and then where Tarlton would travel by horse. However, after looking over the jests I saw that the […]

Too Close For Comfort: Close Reading and TEI Markup of Tarlton’s Jests

How has the process of marking up your transcription affected your understanding of the text? I personally think I gained more understanding of the text in general from our distant reading. The only way the close reading affected my understanding was in researching words I didn’t understand. Learning the definitions of these words did help […]

Roanoke Colony (1585-1590)

The Roanoke Colony was founded in 1585 under the authority of Sir Walter Raleigh. Raleigh was granted a patent from Queen Elizabeth I March 25, 1584 to colonize America. The enterprise was originally financed by Sir Humphrey Gilbert, however, he drowned in 1583 during an attempt to colonize Newfoundland. Sir Humphrey Gilbert’s half-brother, Sir Walter Raleigh, […]

Robert Dudley, 1st Earl of Leicester (1532-1588)

Robert Dudley was the fifth son of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland and Jane Guildford. In his youth he witnessed the downfall of his family in 1553 when his father John Dudley, the Duke of Northumberland, had unsuccessfully tried to establish his daughter in law, Lady Jane Grey, on the English throne. John Dudley went […]

Voyant as a Distant Reading Tool: Tarlton’s Jests

What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country)? The trends of the Jests I transcribed and the full text were largely the same. All the Jests featured Tarlton verbally and sometimes physically interacting with […]

What’s that letter?: Transcribing Tarlton’s Jests

Over the past two weeks our class worked to transcribe passages from Tarlton’s Jests. Below I will answer questions regarding my personal experience transcribing my assigned pages. How has this experience affected you? I very much enjoyed the transcription process. I felt like I was solving a code. This project has made me consider pursuing a career in the […]

Website with Elizabethan English Words

What Can Digital Humanities Do? Old Weather

What is this project? Old Weather is a project that enables users to transcribe naval ship logs from archives around the world. The project’s team includes scientists, digital project managers, engineers, research managers, historians, and archivists. Partners to the project include a long list of archive, science, and university supported organizations. Old Weather is part […]