Final Project

Over the course of this semester, there were many tools we experimented with while doing many projects about Tarlton. Some of the projects we did were transcript Tarlton’s Jests, create a timeline, use the MOEML, and use ArcGIS mapping. Working with all these tools showed me the many ways they can be used. The one […]

ArcGIS Mapping

My experience working with arcgis has been a lot of fun. There are many things I learned about Tarlton and the Queens Tour that I was not able to figure out at first but there were also many questions that we were trying to figure out while working with this tool. Such as: How did […]

The Agas Map of Early Modern London

Over the past few weeks talking and using the MoEML, there were a few questions that crossed my mind about Tarlton and his adventures throughout the jests. One of the questions that came to mind was: How did Tarlton get around to  all these different places around London that are not in the same vicinity? The […]

Text Mark-ups

Over the past two weeks, working with close reading has been a very interesting experience. Close reading allowed me to understand the texts I was assigned a lot more than if I were to just read them and not has taken a closer look. There were many steps we used during close reading with our […]

Richard Hakluyt

Richard Hakluyt Born: 1552 Died: 1616 (1626) Born in 1552, Richard Hakluyt was an editor, geographer, and an Anglican minister. His education came from the Westminster school and Christ Church, Oxford. Between 1583 and 1588 he served as the chaplain and secretary to Sir Edward Staffors the English Ambassador at the French court. Richard was also […]

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Born: 1504 Died: 1596 Sir Francis Drake born in 1540 lead the second expedition to sail around the world which lasted from 1577-1580. In 1581, Queen Elizabeth knighted him and later that year he was elected to the House of Commons. Between 1585 and 1586 conflicts started to get worse between England […]

The Spanish Armada

The Spanish Armada Start date: May 19, 1588 End date: August 8, 1588 The Spanish Armada started on May 19, 1588 with the English under the command of Lord Charles Howard and Sir Francis Drake and the Spanish under the command of  the Duke of Medina Sidonia. At the time England who was a small […]

Using Voyant Tools

                After experimenting with all the tools provided in Voyant, the two of the three tools I choose to use to look closer at my jests, I could not find a trend that arises throughout them. This may partially be because I am looking at different jests spaced […]

Thoughts on Transliterating Tarlton’s Jest

Transliterating Tarlton’s Jest over the past two weeks was quite a challenging yet, knowledge filled experience. By doing this project, I have grown a greater appreciation for the people who work with historical archival material and do this for a living. Transliterating is a hard task that can be very time-consuming and can bring a […]

Digital Humanities in Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary

In Liu’s “What it Means to be a Digital Humanists” he states that digital humanities often affiliates its self with older materials such as the remediation of older media such as books and libraries. After analyzing Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary, there would be no other way to decode the diary if it was not for […]