Final Mapping Project

For my final digital humanities project, I chose to use ArcGis to further research and examine comedic troupes during the 1580s.  Throughout this semester, we have spent a lot of time focusing on Richard Tarlton.  We have studied his jests, his lifestyle, the time period surrounding his life and the troupe he worked with, the […]

ArcGIS vs. Map of Early Modern London

Being able to visualize Richard Tarlton’s and his troop’s paths and destinations through use of ArcGIS has thoroughly helped me understand and learn more about the Queen’s Men.  By being able to inspect the specific routes of the troop, I have formed multiple questions regarding their trip.  There are a multitude of inconsistencies with the […]

Tarlton’s attachment to the tavern life

Throughout Tarlton’s Jests, taverns, alehouses, pubs and ordinaries are mentioned frequently.  Many of the city jests occur in these places of drinking because it leads to more action and entertainment.  The locations that Tarlton mentions are all fairly close to one another.  There is a cluster of locations focusing around Fleet Street on the west […]

Marking up Tarlton’s Jests

Marking up Tarlton’s Jests has thoroughly improved my understanding of the text.  We categorized the words into broad subjects such as object, role, place, and person.  Having to mark up the transcription encouraged me to understand my texts more thoroughly and to better comprehend the context.  For example, in the picture below, the word “supper” is […]

Edmund Campion

Born January 24, 1540, Edmund Campion was an English Roman Catholic Jesuit priest and martyr.  In his early years, Campion quickly became recognized for his skill in speeches and debates. Campion was acknowledged by Queen Elizabeth I and had patronage of powerful figures.  Campion began studying Catholicism in secrecy and taught his knowledge to others.  […]

The Throckmorton Plot

The Throckmorton Plot was a plot in 1583 to murder Queen Elizabeth I and replace her with her second cousin Mary, Queen of Scots.  The plot was created by Sir Francis Throckmorton whose cousin was Elizabeth’s first lady in waiting.  Throckmorton worked with his brother Thomas Throckmorton and was also in contact with Thomas Morgan, […]

Ale, Wine, Drink vs. City, Country, Court

  Using the application Voyant, specifically Bubblelines, Keywords in Context and Cirrus, I was able to make judgments about each section of Tarlton’s Jests.  I chose to look at the words drink, ale and wine while working with the jests.  Using the tool Bubblelines I was able to determine which sections of Tarlton’s works were  […]

Is it an s, r or t?

Transliterating Tarlton’s Jests has been an experience I have never come close to having before.  At first, the idea of taking indecipherable old English and making it readable for the general public was daunting.  At first glance, the bold font, squiggly letters of Tarlton’s Jests seemed impossible to decode.  However, as time went on and […]

A Life Mapped Out Through Manuscripts

What is the Project? Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts project was created to gather all manuscripts from the famous author and to gain more knowledge regarding her life and her writing process.  The project has obtained up to 1100 pages of Austen’s work and is still actively searching for more pages to add to their collection.  […]