Final project Over the last couple of months I have really enjoyed this class working with the different digital tools. My favorite tool was the ArcGIS mapping. I used this tool to help answer my research question of “Was the Queen’s Men Troupe used more than just a performance group? Using the mapping application I wanted […]

Text Analysis

After using Voyant it has given me a better understanding of trends that appear in Tarlton’s jests. Tarlton is the most used term involved which demonstrates that his is the most important person in the jests and the main actor. Also I noticed other trends such as women is one of the least used words […]


After working with the Map of Early Modern London these past couple of weeks I have started to raise questions about Tarlton’s jests and the locations on the map. My question is did he have any correlation for his ¬†performance locations and the path that he took to get there? After examining the map and […]

Mapping ArcGIS MoEML

Using both of these different styles of Mapping tools have definitely helped me get a better understanding of Tarlton and the Queen’s men troupe. Both tools have given me a visual of what England was like in the 1580’s and what his route and life may have been like back then. By just reading the […]

Reflection post 4

During the course of this assignment marking up the jests has really enhanced my knowledge about the jests. I am now able to connect the jests in a way in which I can comprehend Tarlton’s jokes and stories. The jests have a more natural flow as you read them with an understanding of them rather […]

Singeing the King of Spain’s Beard Sir Francis Drake is related to my post because he lead this attack. The Singeing the King of Spain’s Beard is the name given to the attack at the Bay of Cadiz in April and May 1587 by the English lead by Sir Francis Drake. This attack was committed against the Spanish. Most of […]

Sir Francis Walsingham Queen mary relates to my post because she forced Walsingham out of England   Sir Francis Walsingham was born into a wealthy, well-connected family in 1532. With his fortunate background Francis was able to use his connections to attend Cambridge university and become a successful lawyer. However, despite his wealthy background he was forced […]

Tarlton’s Jests Reflection

After having the opportunity to transcribe the jests of Tarlton it has opened the doors to me to a whole new level of research. Transliterating these pages of over 4 centuries ago has been a great experience even though it has come with its difficulties. It is definitely interesting to see how writing has evolved […]

Livingstone’s 1871 field diary post

This project was created to reveal the remarkable period of David Livingstone’s life for the first time. David was a praised British abolitionist missionary and explorer of Africa. During his time in Africa he documented his findings and discoveries in his diary. However,Livingstone’s writing became illegible and faded. Also due to the fragility of the […]