Final Mapping Project

I really enjoyed working with the Queen’s Men on the ArcGIS map, and so for my research question I wanted it to be something related to the different troupes. I decided to compare the Queen’s Men, the Earl of Leicester’s Men, and the Earl of Sussex’s Men since they were the three most popular troupes […]


Spatial thinking and GIS helped me visually learn where each of Tarlton’s jest took place, and where Tarlton spent most of his time performing which was mostly west of London. After seeing the distances between the performances, it showed me just how much Tarlton had to travel to perform. Seeing these performance locations on the […]


After working with the MoEML over the past couple weeks, my research question I chose was, “What significance does each location have in regards to Tarlton’s travels?” After looking up many different streets and buildings, I noticed that not all of them were easy to find. For example, in Tarlton’s jests of two tailors, it states, […]

Close Reading and TEI

Since we’ve been doing close reading, I have been able to look at individual words and clarify the meaning that I did not know before. Once I’ve made these notes throughout my jests, the understanding becomes a lot easier. Also, mark ups helped me see what common words came about throughout my jests. I was […]

Sir Walter Raleigh Sir Francis Walsingham is connected to Sir Walter Raleigh in a big way. They were the ones who were aware of Mary’s plans to assassinate Queen Elizabeth. Sir Walter Raleigh was a courtier, explorer, soldier, and writer who hated Roman Catholicism. He grew up Protestant, and he grew up with many near escapes during the reign […]

Babington Plot Mary Queen of Scots is connected to the Babington Plot because she is the one who was suppose to replace Queen Elizabeth after she was assassinated. The Babington Plot took place in 1586. It was a plot to assassinate the Protestant Queen Elizabeth, and have her Roman Catholic cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots […]

Voyant Analysis Tools

At first, I tried analyzing my specific jests I was assigned in different tools of Voyant. However, I found this very hard to do considering it was only small parts of each section of Tarlton’s jests. I decided to use the whole jests of the Country, City, and Court. This was still difficult to find […]

Tarlton Transcription

David Livingstone’s 1871 Field Diary

The David Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project is a project designed to show the original record of a very traumatic period of David Livingstone’s life. Livingstone was a celebrated British abolitionist, missionary, and explorer of Africa. His diary outlines the experiences he had in full detail, and how those experiences shaped his life. Until today, Livingstone’s […]