Assignment instructions and rubrics will be distributed to students on the dates indicated on the Course Calendar.

Assignments include:

  1.  Transcription (10%)
    1. Draft transcription (individual)
    2. Revised transcription (individual)
    3. Compiled transcription (collaborative)
  2. Text analysis of Tarlton’s Jests (5%)
  3. Contextual research project/Timeline (10%)
  4. Digital Edition (10%)
    1. Draft mark-up (individual)
    2. Revised mark-up (individual)
    3. Compiled digital edition (collaborative)
  5. Mapping/ArcGIS Story map (15%)
  6. Final Project (20%)
  7. Reflection Posts* (27% Р2 x 6pts, 3 x 5ts. each)
  8. Participation (3%)

*As part of their ongoing coursework, students will be responsible for posting 5 Reflections (also known as Blog Posts) about assignments on the course website and commenting on each other’s posts. Reflection posts are due on the same days as the assignment artifacts (dates also on Course Calendar).