Reflection Post #5

Reflection Post #5: “On Mapping”
Due 11/21 by 11pm

You have just experimented with two types of mapping in historical contexts: working in the Map of Early Modern London interface and creating a story map in ArcGIS Online. You also worked with two different types of place-oriented data: place references in “Tarlton’s Jests” and place/date data for the Queen’s Men on tour in 1583.

  • Considering both of those experiences, how did spatial thinking and GIS help you to ask questions and think about issues relating to Richard Tarlton and his life as an actor in the 1580s that you might not have considered by just reading and editing the text of “Tarlton’s Jests”?
  • What does visualizing these places in a mapping context – the distances between them, and the time it might have taken to get from place to place – do to your thinking about history?
  • Of the two types of mapping, did you prefer one to the other? If so, why.
  • What is it about your engagement with a particular type of map that you find more compelling, interesting, or satisfying?


Your post should be 300-350 words long (there is no penalty if the post is longer). Take into account the elements identified in the Reflection Posts Assignment. Don’t forget to include at least two illustrative screenshots from your maps, a link to your map, and give your post the category “Reflection #5”. Add four tags that distinguish your post.