Reflection Prompt #4

Reflection Post #4: “On Close Reading and TEI”
Due 10/26 by 11pm.

Close reading allows us to consider at a micro level how an author expresses her/himself using specific terms, descriptions of people and places, and observations about his/her experiences. Over the last two weeks you have worked intensively, learning TEI-compliant XML markup and applying it to a variety of transcriptions. As your write your reflection post, think about the following questions:

  • How has the process of marking up your transcription affected your understanding of the text
  • How has the process of collaborating as an editorial board with your peers changed your understanding of how edited texts are produced.
    • For example, how did you decide whether or not to tag something? How did you choose whether something is a place vs. object? How did you choose categories for attributes (e.g. city, royal, occupation, etc.)
  • What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country)
  • Does a particular tag or tag set help you to think about an aspect of Tarlton’s relationship with people, actions, and/or events across the jests?
  • Can you identify a narrative that develops over the compiled jests? What are you learning about Tarlton’s personality that might not have been clear earlier in the semester?
  • What does reading your markup as a digital edition tell you about the work you’ve been doing in class?

Your post should be 300-350 words long (there is no penalty if the post is longer). Take into account the elements identified in the Reflection Posts Assignment. Don’t forget to include at least two illustrative screenshots from your marked up text in the editing environment and from the digital edition that illustrate your experience.

Give your post the category “Reflection #4”. Add four tags that distinguish your post.