Reflection Prompt #3

Reflection Post #3: “On Distant Reading”
Due 9/27 by 11pm.

Over the past two weeks you have wrestled with ideas (and tools!) that are designed to help us think about differently about texts with which we work. We have discussed ideas of “subjective” (or close) and “objective” (or distant) reading, and have read works by scholars who specialize in text analysis. The prompt for this particular reflection requires that you demonstrate how you can use individual Voyant tools to consider aspects of Tarlton’s Jests – and in particular the individual jests that you transcribed – that you might not have considered or were not clear to you during the transcription process.

  1. Read your individual transcribed jests (as itemized in the Jest Grid that was distributed in class on Wednesday and sent to you via email)
  2. Choose at least three tools that you think are particularly interesting or might be helpful in terms of working with your jests. Read the information about how to use the tool from the link provided in the list below so that you better understand how a particular tool works.
  3. Upload *all* of your individual transcribed jests into these three tools (this will take some time because you will have to upload each jest individually).

Write a reflection post that addresses the following questions – use at least one screenshot of your work in each of the three tools (in other words, your post should include at least three screenshots). Answer the following questions:

  1. What trends or issues do you see emerging across your jests? Do these trends have to do with the section in which the jests occur (e.g. Court, City, Country)
  2. Does a particular tool help you to think about an aspect of Tarlton’s relationship with people, actions, and/or events across the three sections?
  3. State a research question that you would like to consider using one of these approaches and show how you might undertake it. Do you think, after reading each of your jests and “revealing” them in Voyant, that text analysis is a good way for you to ask this research question?
    1. If yes, why?
    2. If no, why not?

Your post should be 300-350 words long (there is no penalty if the post is longer). Take into account the elements identified in the Reflection Posts Assignment.

Don’t forget to give your post the category “Reflection #3”. Add four tags that distinguish your post.