Reflection Prompt #2

Reflection Post #2: “On Transcription”
Due: 9/13 by 11pm.

Over the past two weeks you have worked closely with anecdotes from Tarlton’s Jests. You have done what all scholars who work with historical archival materials do – puzzled out what is being written in an unfamiliar hand, often in unfamiliar terms. Also as with all scholars, you are using this act of transcription as a foundation for the rest of the work that you will do this semester.

Prompt: How has this experience affected you? What have you discovered while you were doing the “old spelling” and then the “modern spelling” of Tarlton’s Jests? What was the most challenging aspect of this work for you? Now that you have transliterated (“to write or print using the closest corresponding letters of a different alphabet or language”)[1. New Oxford American Dictionary] your pages, what questions are you asking about this man, Richard Tarlton, the people he came in contact with, and the world he lived in?

In 300-350 words, and considering the elements identified in the Reflection Posts Assignment overview reflect upon your experience transcribing your pages of text. Include two screenshots of your work (the facsimile pages of the 16th century published text, your Juxta Editions old spelling, or your modern spelling) that demonstrate your process in undertaking the transcription.

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